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2018 Second Place Winner

Author: The FM Body Transformation Team

Image featuring Grand Prize Winner: Jake

In Jake’s words: “As far as my motivation for entering the Transformation Challenge that is pretty simple, I am motivated by competition.  Having a goal or end date or skin in the game aka $ has always been great motivation.  In December my wife, daughter and I took our annual trip to Bozeman, Mt to ski for 3 days.  I struggled to keep up skiing and had to take multiple breaks the first 2 days.  The 3rd day was miserable and it was then and there I decided to change.  When I arrived home I joined *** where I used to have a membership but I wasn't pushing myself like I knew I should.  In January I signed up for a boot camp at *** where I spent 6 weeks paying for the 2 years I had taken off.  A friend of mine turned me on to *** supplements and this is where I found the Body Transformation.  I noticed I was skipping some days at the gym and classes at *** so I entered with a new found motivation.  For the next 12-weeks I worked hard, ate right and pushed myself.  From February to May I lost 11 pounds, my Percent of Body Fat went from 22% to 14.1%, and my Skeletal Muscle Mass went from 88.6 lbs to 94.4 lbs.  The benefits of my hard work and dedication are too many to list but I would have to say setting a good example for my daughter and taking bike trips on the weekends with my family have been by far the most rewarding.

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