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2016 Grand Prize Winner

Author: The FM Body Transformation Team

It is amazing how fast 12 weeks can go!  I am so excited and proud of being a part of the FMBT contest this year.  I had been in a rut over the past year and a half with my health and fitness and was looking to make a change.  This spring, I saw the contest ads every day as I drove home from work.   I have always enjoyed competing and this time I decided to compete against myself.  Just as anyone else is, I have a busy life, I’m married with two kids, work full time and own a business outside of my full time job.   I looked at the website at least 20 times before deciding to go for it.  I didn’t tell anyone except for my husband, and this was only due to the fact I needed his help in taking my pictures!  I remember signing up on a Tuesday and told myself that I was going to exercise at least 6 days a week, change my eating habits and take 12 weeks to see what I could do.  I didn’t count calories or crash diet, I just started eating veggies, fruit, salads, chicken and lean red meat.  My family was super supportive of my goals and helped me stick to my plans.  My husband, Wade, was awesome and would take the kids to the park and do fun activities while I worked out.  I was proud that my kids saw the importance of being healthy this summer and are always excited to bike or do a workout together!  I also realized my work outs needed to be ramped up, so 4 days after signing up for the challenge, I joined a brand new gym, Dynasty Performance Training.  This was opened by Cole Jirik and Christian Dudzik, two former NDSU football players that had also trained for the NFL.  I knew that with their success, I would be lucky to learn from some of the best trainers in Fargo.  They pushed me to exhaustion for these 12 weeks and I was proud that as a 36 year old, I was able to hang in there and keep going.  I’ve found I love to work out in the morning to set the tone for a healthy day.  If I’m tempted by some junk food, I try to remember how I hard I exercised that morning and don’t want to derail myself!  My intention in signing up for this challenge wasn’t about winning a contest.  I knew that my end goal was to be healthy and physically fit.  When I am healthy, everything in my life is better!  This was a lot of work, but thanks to the FMBT Challenge for whipping me in to shape!



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