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2017 Grand Prize Winner ($1000)

Author: The FM Body Transformation Team

Alissa N. 2017 Grand Prize Winner

"I first would like to acknowledge the FMBT team and judges for this grand prize! I would also like to thank them putting this contest on for the community. Given this opportunity allows a spark of motivation for many, including myself, in hopes to continue the momentum towards a healthier community.   

In the past couple years, I have been submersed in quite a busy life including family. It was always too easy to make excuses to not exercise or eat healthy. Life has a funny way of catching up and stress takes it’s toll on the human body. My tipping point of needing change came at the heels of the beginning of the registration of this years FM Body Transformation.  I have always heard of the FM Body transformation but thought the contest was not for someone like me. I did not workout religiously, I did not eat healthy, but I DID need to transform my lifestyle.  I decided to enter.  What would I have to lose? After taking my before photo, the realization of change became visible. There was now a motivation and accountability set in place.  Periodic reminders and encouraging emails would be sent. I was now in a new mindset.  Feeling better and starting to see results would have been all the prize I needed. Fast-forward 12 weeks to the present, finding out I won was merely a bonus to the real prize; a healthier me. This only motivates me more to strive to make healthier choices for my family and myself. I made tremendous progress but there is far more to go. In fact, It wont stop. The great thing about physics is that momentum has both magnitude and direction. With more force comes momentum!

I want to encourage anyone thinking about this contest to not worry about the contest itself, but to do it for them. This is the perfect medium to kick start a healthy lifestyle. I know who I wanna be. Challenge yourself to be who you really want to be."

-Alissa N.

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